Research is conducted in QUT Health Clinics facilities by researchers from many disciplines. All research is subject to QUT Ethics approval and QUT's Information Privacy policy.

If you are interested in participating in any of the research projects listed, please refer to the linked Participant Information Sheet or contact us by emailing and we will pass your message on to the lead researcher.

Current research projects include:

MyFootCare: Improving the user experience with a mobile health app (PDF, 118KB)
Lead researcher: Bernd Ploderer

Using a Pepper robot to undertake administration of a brief health survey (PDF, 87KB)
Lead researcher: Nicole Robinson

Optical and biometric characteristics in children during accommodation (PDF, 146KB)
Lead researcher: Rohan Hughes

Children's recognition of facial emotions
Lead researcher: Susan Kohlsdorf

Sensitisation of nerves and contact lens discomfort (PDF, 166KB)
Lead researcher: Katie Edwards

Series of studies aiming to understand how interactions between psychotherapists and clients influence therapeutic outcome
Lead researcher: Stuart Ekberg

How smart are smart vision charts at measuring vision in children? (PDF, 95KB)
Lead researcher: Shelley Hopkins

Evaluation of cardiac rehabilitation in a university teaching clinic
Lead researcher: Robert Mullins

Ophthalmic evaluation of children with ataxia telangiectasia
Lead researcher: Ann Webber

Exploring perceptions of interior space experienced by people wearing brain imaging equipment
Lead researcher: Marissa Linquist

Retinal photoreceptor contributions to circadian rhythms
Lead researcher: Sunila Dumpala

Intrinsic foot muscle activity during standing balance tasks in adults with hallux valgus compared to controls (PDF, 87KB)
Intra-rater reliability of measuring hallux flexor strength using a force-torque sensor
Contact: Ainslie Davies

Ultrasound characterisation of foot soft tissues
Lead researcher: Scott Wearing

Chemotherapy Induced Peripheral Neuropathy clinical trial Linked to another web site
Lead researcher: Patsy Yates



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