Community Outreach and Widening Participation

The QUT Health Clinics provide a wide range of unique health initiatives and community events throughout the year. Many of our events are delivered annually and aim to deliver quality patient care to the community, as well as providing an enriching learning experience to our students undertaking clinical placement. In 2014 more than 2000 occasions of service were delivered at community outreach events by QUT Health Clinics and staff.

The clinic also delivers on-campus and in-school health based activities to students from low socioeconomic, regional and Indigenous communities. These activities and events strive to build both aspiration and motivation for tertiary study to those who have not traditionally considered university study. In 2014 more than 7000 high school students participated in the Health Widening Participation program.

QUT health students providing needs based care in the community

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We're at Caboolture campus today at QUT offering free health checks for children in the community.

The QUT Health Clinics have a long history of providing these sorts of initiatives.

We're delivering needs-focused healthcare, right where it's most appropriate.

Days like today where we actually get to apply the knowledge that we learn in our courses is fantastic because it really makes worthwhile all that study and that time spent learning and participating in lectures and studying textbooks because finally we get to put into practice and make a difference to children and parents.

We’d expect our students on a day like today to see a range of presentations.

Anything that you might see in a private practice as a practising clinician but also for them it's about picking up on things that they're learning in the theory aspects of their course at the same time.

Different ages, so ranging from I think 6 months and we've had about 18 years old and just people with different conditions so we've had some children with autism and stuff so it's an interesting experience for the students.

Today’s been a really relaxed and interesting way to engage with the community and learn a lot about the kinds of paediatric cases that are around.

Rather than just being in front of a book or sitting in a lecture we actually get to apply these skills and make a difference to people’s lives.


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