Your Information

In accordance with the Information Privacy Act (2009), all information collected in this practice is treated as ‘sensitive information’. To protect your privacy, this practice operates in accordance with this Act and QUT's Information Privacy policy Linked to another web site.

Students observing or participating in consultations have signed and are bound by a strict confidentiality agreement. If your record is used as a teaching aide, identifying information will be removed before use.

We collect and use the information you provide to manage your healthcare. You can assist in maintaining the accuracy of your information by advising the practice of any change of address, telephone number etc.

Selected information may be disclosed to various other health services involved in supporting your healthcare management (for example your GP or other specialists).

Your personal information will not be disclosed to a third party without your written authorisation.

In some circumstances we are legally obliged to disclose information about you, for example if records are subpoenaed for a court case or there is a legal requirement to collect information about your particular health conditions such as life-threatening diseases or diseases with high public risks. We will ensure that any such disclosure is limited to only what is necessary.

If you have questions regarding the management of your personal information, please ask our staff or if you wish to make a complaint about privacy, contact QUT Privacy Officer.

New Client Information Sheet

New Client Information Sheet (PDF file, 302KB)